Three coats you should have in your closet this winter

ImageCoats have formed a formidable part of the dressing for the English since the time of their discovery. It was in the early 18th century that this form of wear evolved as a form of outer wear and was used commonly by the people in Britain. But over the years, the coat has developed itself from being a traditional wear to a form of stylish garment.

Modern women love to dress up with coats during the winters and they can carry it off very well with much élan. As winter knocks the door, they start knocking the doors of the shopping malls to purchase for themselves the finest of the coats. Today, the coat has revolutionized itself in many forms such as an overcoat or a jacket, but how well do you know about the different type of coats?

Here, you can get a brief idea about the three types of coats which are a must have in your closet.

Trench Coat: Such coats have a history attached to them. Famous fashion designer Thomas Burberry invented it and mainly for the army personnels in order to protect them from the harsh and cooler winds during winter. It is necessary to wear a cloth or a layer under a trench coat in order to keep the body warm. Such coats are made with a special material known as gabardine. The reason for using this material is that it acts as an excellent protection against rainfall.

Though there are a variety of colors which are available for the trench, but the most preferred one is khaki. If you wear the coat in the evening, then you can or for some other colors. The speciality of these coats is that they can be worn with jeans, skirts and slacks.

Pea Coat: Even the evolution of this coat shares its history with the trench coat. It was basically designed for sailors so that they can protect themselves from the harsh winds of cold winter. Since then, the coat has undergone a huge makeover as far as its uses are concerned. It is today a stylish garment and is worn by women to keep the winters at bay. Many pea coats with innovative colors and designs are available in the market today. They are specially designed with buttons.

Swing Coat: Such coats are for those women who have an hour glass figure. Being tight and fitted closely on the arms and shoulders, it accentuates the curves and makes you look more attractive. Due to the elongated appearance at the bottom, it makes you look a bit taller than your natural height. When worn with a pant or a skirt it looks ravishing.

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